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Pause button issue


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Description: Pause button works incorrectly.

Expected result: Freesing download than pause button is pressed.

Actual result: After pressing the button on started download (with a progress bar less than 100%) downloading is continued.

Steps to reproduce:

1.Open Mtorrent with at least 1 download with a progress bar less than 100% of add a new torrent to Mtorrent.

2. On the started download press a pause button.

Version is 2.2 build 23703.

Sorry, may be not a bug. Speed of downloading decreases not as quick as thought. That's why downloading on the fast channel continues about 10-20 seconds after pause is pressed.

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Read the help file for explanations: http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip

(II) Paused means the torrent job is paused, but not stopped (still connected to peers).

(X) Stopped means the torrent job is stopped (not transferring, and not connected to any peers).

(V) Finished means the torrent job has been stopped after it reached seeding mode. If the torrent job reaches this without user intervention, then it means it reached the seeding goal.

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