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Down and Up Speed displayed option


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Normally only 3 digits for the values are used.

Only some values (like the kB) are shown as 4 digit up to 1024 kB and then switch over to 1.00 MB.

Only the speeds and amounts in the taskbar switch over from 4 digits to 2 due to the space there.

This should be enough for most of the users.

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I guess I needed to be more clear. I met the speeds shown in the table of torrents I have downloading at one time. I thought it would be more clear to see all the numbers in the same values per second like all in kB/s. Thanks.

450.4 kB/s,

1145.1 kB/s,

29.2 kB/s,

8.8 kB/s

1055.9 kB/s

2439.0 kB/s

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Every speed can be shown in kB/s, but still the author must realize that little numbers are more informative. What can be done.. The speed graph might have an option to show in one graph speeds for all or some active torrents stacked one over another, or different lines for each torrent together, or something like that. This won't be done tho.

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