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filtering on RSS category element


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please forgive me if this has already been discussed, I couldnt find a related post, but maybe I missed it.

RSS feed contains, theorically, a "category" element (according to the specification, at least one category must be added to any item).

I couldnt find how to filter RSS item using that category element, maybe I missed it, if so please can someone point me how to filter on that.

If it wasnt implement, wouldnt it be possible to add the possibility to filter on that category element and not just on the item name/decoded name ?



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rss feed is basically xml, you have <item> elements, and inside <item> you have <category> element(s)


there are of course other elements, so I wouldnt mind to be able to apply some filter on any of them, but the "category" one is quite commonly used.

this would be particularly useful for torrent rss feed which dont offer the possibility to personalize the feed url

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