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Sending extracted .avi files with yousendit or other???


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Hi, do you know how to send someone a 233mb .avi file? I found a file share site that 1. I think it's like direct p2p (not sure. Honestly dont know anything) 2. Not sure if it's even going to work because it might be too big. Ok, I obviously dont know much about computers. Im not sure which file to attach (with the file share site) because when I open utorrent folder theres 6 different files with the same name or associated to it w/different icons and normally, I just use process of elimination to actualy play the file. And when playing the file, if I try to move it to my desktop away from the other files to make it easier to locate for when I want to try to send or post it, it doesnt play and I can't EVEN figure out why that is.

1. Why can't and how do I move the video arround on my computer?

2. How do I share a 233mb .avi file with a friend? I wanted to supprise him with it. Or is there a site I can post it on considering it's almost 30 min long?

Thanx :) little 'ol me just can't figure this out :)

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