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Redownload torrents simple way


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I get frustrated even years after using uTorrent when the location (HDD) to which I was downloading all these years is gone (gone as in leaving it abroad when traveling etc.) and I want to get the files downloaded again. The torrent shows up in Completed torrents but it is in red color and 'cross' and it points to some drive letter I don't even have currently... and while I suppose there is some more intelligent way or doing it, I usually end up deleting the torrent from uTorrent, then looking it up on internet and downloading as I did originally. But often I can't figure out which torrent to delete from uTorrent completed section, it seems its not there. I do have lots torrents there but I suppose I would find it except that the torrent name is different from the file it downloads, happens to me pretty often I must say.

If the drive was still around, I would move the *.torrent file from 'finished' to 'new' folder and I think it would start like that but the finished location being gone, I don't know what to do... still who wants to move the torrent file by hand like that even when the drive is still around. Must be more people than just me who deleted the downloaded file but still have torrent showing in uTorrent and would like to get the file again. I suppose the torrent that shows up in program Completed section is taken from some database where the settings is located... like users/appdata/local/roaming/%^&* but likely one can't move torrent links from there to 'new torrent' directory.

I also get files that I found were corrupted (wrong hashes) and I can't figure out which torrent they belong to because file name doesn't agree with the link.torrent if you get what I am about. So I don't even know if this torrent in the Completed section in the program would download the file I am after. Could this be helped somehow to deal with? I use torrents but don't quite understand it all, if what I ask is already built in somehow or it just can't be done, I just don't know but thought to ask.

I mean how hard would it be to make it so if you right click the torrent in the Completed torrents section there would be menu offer to download it again, fresh, without any other fuss that it is already downloaded? And not get that pesky useless popup about adding trackers to the torrent, makes me puke really, never ever needed to add trackers but so dearly wished so often to shut up and fricken download that torrent again. Could we at least have pointer in that offer about adding trackers what the name of that torrent is? I mean where it is in the Completed section or wherever. Because often that's what I would dearly like to know but have no way to find out, that's why this offer about adding trackers makes me puke...

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Forcing re-check doesn't work when the HDD that you had all torrent directories on including downloaded files is missing. And even when it is not, it doesn't seem to always work (like I altered orig downloaded files and it won't recognize them) but that's as it may be.

I know about 'Change download location' and Force re-check but the cases I talk about are different. I supose you tell me they are not. Well, I have other things to do in life than to become torrent Einstein, I am telling you that these things elude me and I am not total PC idiot, these things could use being a bit more civilized. I want some idiot button overriding everything, I mean I want to download, so F download it, don't tell me I already have torrent or that I downloaded it already some time back.

As I said, happens to me very often, I go to p2p place and see something I want to download, I click the link, up pops uTorrent telling me the torrent is already in the list and do I want to add trackers to it... Well, I don't know where that torrent is, what name it has, I look and I can't find any name in uTorrent directories that I see on torrent website, how the F am I to know which torrent, where is it, I mean if I should restart it, I have to first know where it is and how it is named. Names of .torrent links often are different from what you see on websites describing torrent, how the F am I to locate that torrent link which it offers me to add trackers to?? Why can't it tell me what link we talk about and where it is to be found? If I am to restart it, I have to be able to find it. Also need to know that if I want to delete it, so I would be allowed to redownload the file... but no such luck.

I suppose I could summarily delete all torrents from uTorrent program and then download whatever to hearts content. But when I come back home and hook my torrent drive back, it won't be seeding those many torrents that it used to before I left home. And if I don't clean all links out, I can't tell which torrent that it offers me to add trackers to it, which is already in the list of torrents... which one it is, where it is, well, it just ain't there or it has different name and I can't find it.

How about radio buttons on that dialog about option to add trackers to the torrent giving the choice of deleting the torrent in question and downloading the file again from the supplied torrent link and the other option being to show the torrent in popup explorer to let you do with it whatever else.

I know this is not the clearest or most coherent way of describing the problem but I suppose you will know what I am about. It does my head in once in a while and confuses me no end. Its fine and dandy with desktops but laptop I move about and take it on trips and I leave drive with torrents behind, back home.

I've even downloaded new version of uTorrent, put it in extra directory but it found common settings somewhere in users/appdata/blah blah... and it has inside those fifty to hundred torrents I hoped wouldn't be there. I CBAED to go there to settings because it likely would be in some config files there which I suppose I could neuter some way to force new fresh directory being created and I could return back to old setting once I get back home to my torrent HDD... but I better stop before I start being abusive

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