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POSSIBLE fix for slower download speeds


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Please note that this worked for ME and is definittly not guranteed to work for everyone, maybe anyone else.

I was downloading at roughly 30 kb/sec which is WAY lower than suppose to be. So i did the following:

Port forwarded - No luck

Changed settings - No luck

Set up a static IP when i forwarded - No luck

Uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled it - No luck

Installed the beta (2.2.1) - Worked

NOTE: This is a beta version, so once again it may not work for you.

I went from my crappy 30 kb/sec to 500-700 kb/sec. This is still about 300-500 lower than what I should be getting but is sure better.

Give it a try guys. :/

Good luck!

EDIT: Now getting my regular 1mb!!! :DDD

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Yeah glad it is working for most but did not work for me. I tried it all from the reinstall after uninstall, beta vs stable, preferences still nothing. I haven't seen download speeds this consistently slow since like 02. I used to avg about 1500kbps with a max of 2500kbps. Now I max out at 200kbps with an avg of 100kbps.It only started about a week ago, around the same time I upgraded to v2.2 from v2.0.4 . I am not saying that the new version is the problem but I can't go back to the older one , plus it might be my isp (rogers), or my setup, All I am saying is once you go fast, you aint going back. atleast not willingly, Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Same problem but uTorrent 2.2.1 beta not resolve this.

Thank u for the tips but i have always the speed problem.

EDIT : Correction : my UL speed up to 1Mo/s and DL speed at 300Ko/s. It's better but not my bandwith usual. Normaly i have 5/8Mo/s for DL.

Well at least its better. Like i said (or maybe i didn't) mine got better right away but not by a whole lot. Like 15 minutes later however it kicked into gear and im still getting 1-1.2 mb/sec.

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