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Bug or feature? Relocate doesn't work properly.


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Ok so I have it backwards, and so does the program.

The relocate feature lets you tell utorrent WHERE you moved the file, it doesn't move the file for you.

I think the name of this function should be changed.

Furthermore, I'd still like a way to be able to tell utorrent to move some of my files (multiple) from one directory to another.

I downloaded a torrent with 100 files in it, I wanted about 50 of them.

It still made all 100 files (all full size) I want a way to easily get the 50 out and leave the other 50 behind (or COMPLETELY deleted!)

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I thought relocate in 2.2 has changed in both "set download location" and "files list/relocate" so that it would move the file ? i could be wrong about the latter part though

Torrents dont work off files, they work off chunks. Suppose you want files 1,3,5,7,9 out of a torrent and they are all 2 meg, and the chunk size is 4 meg, uT has to download in 4 meg chunks, so it will have to download 4 megs, and that contains e.,g. files 1 and 2 so you get file 2 even though you didnt want it cos you can't have 1 on its own otherwise uT cannot hash check the chunk

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Ehm, nope.. BT protocol (which is what I meant by Torrents) works off chunks; look in your d/l pane for number of pieces. UT will download pieces and then conceptually extract files out of them. It doesnt download files. If 1 piece contains 2 files, both files will download (flow through your router) whether or not uT actually puts them both on disk as moveable "files" in the windows sense of the word

You want uT to move files as they complete instead of moving torrents as they complete?

Odd.. But it should be easy to create a software that will watch for files being renamed from .!ut extension to normal, and *copy* those files to another location so you can use them.. uT will move them around at the end of the torrent depending on the options you set and you can then delete the copies.. i.e. i'm proposing a sort of workaround that you can implement using some utility that watches folders and moves files.. instead of waiting for ut develo9pers to meet your request

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Oh for goodness sakes you know what I mean, I know what chunks are.

I have a torrent with 30 files

15 files are 100% complete

15 files are 0% complete

I want to highlight the 100% complete files and relocate them somewhere - the relocate feature (bad name) doesn't do this.

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