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[ut 3.0 24289] Connection speed


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I cant figure this out ..

Number of cennected peers are always ~ 89.

Even for a few peers connected to a single torrent. there is humongus number of peices being started (5peers ->50+peices)

No mather how I change basic options, downlod speed is about ~10kB/s (0.1kB/s per peer)

Have this problem only with [3.0], [2.2] works fine.

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I had the same problem after the latest 3.0 Alpha release update. I could not get over 10kb/s in combined download speed. Could not find anything that hade been changed or problem with router, ISP etc.

Finally I downloaded and installed Stable 2.2 and with same torrents I got 6Mb/s speed directly.

Regards Jonas

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