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Controling piece size


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This is my first post and I hope that there might hae been a post in this regards but I am unable to find it . My question is that can we limit the piece size when we are downloading.

I hae obsered that smaller the piece size the faster is the downlaod and larger the piece size slower is the downlaod een if there are a lot of seeders and a few peers.

The button next to the "C" button does not work on my laptop :) so please bear with me for the typo...



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No. Piece size is decided by the torrent creator.

And smaller pieces yield more overhead, which can may leave the impression that you're getting higher transfer speeds (when in fact the transfer speeds may not actually be going toward payload data). Either that, or you just happen to be connected to faster peers on the torrents with smaller pieces.

(Edit: I suppose it may be possible that smaller pieces also allow tit-for-tat to work more responsively, which may impact speeds one way or another, but that's probably subject to investigation/testing that I wouldn't personally be able to perform.)

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