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RSS not connecting, tho Network = OK


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I reinstalled my windows a few days ago and that's when I started to have this problem.

Usually before I reinstall windows, I back up all uTorrent configuration data from AppData folder. I did this very successfully for a bit longer than a year. But this time I kind of forgot this and I have to configure uTorrent from 0. When I started to do that, I realized that I have kind of fogotten how to do that.

The problem is: I am connectible and the Network icon is green but RSS feeds don't want to connect and download all my favourite shows.

I am behind a router but I haven't changed it's configuration.

Router: Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT firmware.

As I have trouble with port forwarding [ many times it doesn't work and I don't know why ], I turned on UPnP. And yes, I know that's bad but I had no other choice, for now..


In theory it should open up all ports that uTorrent needs. As I haven't changed anything, I don't know why RSS feeds fon't work.


The next thing I tried to do, was experiment with different types of checkboxing and got no different results.

This is my configuration so far:



And it doesn't work!

I also have ESET Smart Security installed but for uTorrent everything is on Allowed. So it shouldn't be a problem [ as it wasn't before ].

Maybe someone can help with this?

If you need more information on my configuration, please ask.

It's monday soon and without RSS I won't get some of my shows. That would be a disaster. :D

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Yes, I had to make them from scratch.

All though.. I made them in uTorrent 2.2 and then just copied them to 2.0.4 AppData folder. Could this be the problem?

Readded the rss feeds and nothing changed. Everything is working perfect, except those freaking rss feeds.

I don't think it's a problem with ports or anything router-based because I turned on DMZ for the local address that uTorrent uses and rss still didn't work.

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I seem to be having a similar problem. The RSS feeds just stopped working one day last week for me. Everything was fine and nothing changed and now they don't work. In the status of the RSS feed is lists RSS. Could it be that the EZTV feeds are broken in a way?

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From what I can tell, the reason EZTV's RSS doesn't work is because utorrent tries to grab the first torrent it sees for an item. On EZTV the torrents are mirrored on different sites, and torrent.zoink.it is always the first one, however it seems like that site is down for me, but downdownforeveryoneorjustme says that it's up. I have Comcast, so maybe they're blocking it now? Anyone else care to weigh in?

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http://www.ezrss.it/ seems to have changed their feed format recently, with the addition of magnet links in the feed.

Overall, I think magnet links for feeds seems a better plan than downloading torrent files from another web site, but perhaps that's because I don't really understand how the protocol processes work. I just know that the zoink website has been unreachable for me recently, and that's where all of the torrent files listed in the feeds I use seem to come from.

Is working with the new "http://xmlns.ezrss.it/0.1/dtd/" schema supporting magnet uris something that's being looked into?

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ezrss isn't the only feed I'm using, so it's not the feed's fault.

If you read my post, I wasn't specifically blaming the feed. It's at least comforting to know that other people are seeing the same things I am with torrents from torrent.zoink.it

I also agree that magnet links would work better for a feed for the same reasons stated above.

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