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.torrent files not queued because of file attribute change when moved


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Hi, I have a question regarding moving/copying of files in Linux to a network. I'm trying to use the automatic queue of torrent files in utorrent (2.2.1 beta 24266 through Wine) in another computer that has Linux Mint 9 LXDE but whenever I transfer the .torrent file to the directory specified, it doesn't queue the .torrent file because it has read only attributes. Just when I change the attributes to rw to all, just then will the torrent file be queued (and torrent file moved/deleted). Is there a way that the transferred file will always be changed to rw attribute to all?

The source OS I'm using Linux Mint 10 and I'm using samba (I think) for network sharing. Using also automount of fstab in the Linux Mint 10. I've tried umask the Linux Mint 9 LXDE folder but whenever I still transfer the .torrent file, it still changes its attributes to read-only to group and other o.o Or is there a way where utorrent would just get past with queueing the .torrent file even if it's read only?

Thanks and kindly move this thread if I posted it wrong - sorry ^^;;

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