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Autoload does not works from folder on CIFS (SMB) mount

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I've got HTPC with utserver and remote HDD connected to Apple Time Capsule and permanently mounted via fstab as CIFS

All torrent located on it and everything works fine except autoload from folder on this volume.

But it not so simple as it looks like – in one case autoload catching .torrent file and starting download. This is a situation when I put .torrent file in autoload folder on CIFS volume BEFORE I start utserve.

Of course, when I set atoload folder to local path (/home/htpc/ for ex) everything works normal.

Symlinks to autoload folder on CIFS volume does not work.

So the problem is only in such fact that this is remote device with acces via CIFS.

Any suggestions?

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uTorrent Server on Linux uses the inotify API to detect new files in the autoload directory.

inotify may not be useful with certain remote devices for notification of directory changes.

inotify doesn't notify about files that already exist in the autoload directory, so uTorrent Server scans the autoload directory at startup using other library functions.

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