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Is it possible for a swarm to be too big and slow down downloads?


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Hello all,

I'm currently downloading a new and very popular torrent, from a popular tracker (not private).

The download has been going for almost 24 hr. straight, but the dl speed is slow and I've downloaded just 500MB out of ~10GB total.

Right now, my utorrent shows this swarm size:

Seeds: 11 (2064) Peers: 37 (16421)

Is it possible that the swarm is too big?

Other Torrents with smaller swarms download fine. For example, I've downloaded recently a file with (more or less) 12 (15) 15 (20) swarm size and it was super fast.

Some details:

My bandwidth is 2.5/0.25 Mbit/sec (dl/ul) = 320/32 kilobyte/sec

my utorrent preferences:

global max connections: 150

max connected peers per torrent: 50

no. upload slots per torrent: 7

Please help me figure this out.


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