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Peers uploading at "huge" speeds in spite of set limits

miss sophie

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I'm new here from BitTorrent. I used u- or Bit- for several years now, with few probs, none unsolvable, but here's a new one. Over the past few days, some peers, apparently running BitTorrent 7.2 (as am I) are uploading over my set limits at, for my bandwith, terribly hi speeds, 15-25 or more kb/s. I try to be generous with upload time given my very cheap, slow ATT bandwith (that never really seems to work at the speeds it tests at), but these folks are taking all my bandwidth. I've just been stopping the torrents that they are hitting on, but that is no solution in the long run (especially since I'm still missing bits of these files myself).

Has this been happening to any one else? Any ideas or solutions?


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