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µTorrent 3.0 64-bit experimental 25570


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We've finally made a 64-bit release of µTorrent 3.0 that is stable enough for public testing. Please check it out! It may be considerably buggier than the 32-bit release, but please report all bugs specific to the 64-bit release in this thread.

For overall release notes on the 3.0 release, please visit the 32-bit 3.0 thread.

Download now! http://download.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent-3.0-latest.x64.exe

It is strongly recommended to backup all your settings when testing this out, as downgrading may not work correctly or at all.


-- 2011-08-23: Version 3.0 beta (build 25570)

- Change: don't show balloon tip when adding torrent from copydata message

- Fix: DHT responses would sometimes be invalid

- Fix: Allow non-english surveys

- Change: enable speed graph by default

- Change: change default window size to fit all default columns

- Change: Added dynamic survey link mechanism

- Change: Fixed bundling with filenames that contain semicolons

- Change: don't show bundle launch notification if show_notify is false

- Change: Add a tray notification for utorrent launching a bundle.

- Fix: Start uT with /MINIMIZED option and "Start Minimized" on Windows Startup now work correctly.

- Fix: /HIDE in cmd line starts uT in Boss Mode

- Fix: fix erroneous error messages about saving resume.dat

- Fix: fix possible crash on auto-updates

- Fix: fixed race condition when cancelling a btapp download

- Fix: fixed possible crash when uninstalling apps

- Fix: Multitorrent bundling now works. Fixes crash.

- Fix: Search Bar - "Manage Search Provides" now links to "Preferences > Advanced > Ui Extras"

- Change: Seeding tasks now show ETA of infinity

-- 2011-06-28: Version 3.0 beta (build 25422)

- Change: Add a tray notification for utorrent launching a bundle.

- Feature: Enable pairing from LAN IP ranges, to enable LAN streaming.

- Fix: RSS feed names would have the URL in the sidebar

- Fix: fix systray icon issue when close-to-tray is set and not always-show-tray-icon

- Change: web.utorrent.com -> remote.utorrent.com

- Fix: dropzone render issue when hiding sidebar buttons and category list

- Fix: Honor download limit more accurately

- Fix: remove utorrent appdata directory on uninstall if requested

- Fix: wrapping the streaming player path in quotes...necessary in xp for paths with spaces

- Fix: optimize CPU usage for rendering minified torrent list

- Fix: make sure the drop zone never overlaps with the toolbar

- Change: show percent done for stopped torrents

- Change: configurable maximum read size when seeding [diskio.cache_stripe]

- Fix: fix playback column sorting

- Change: update icons with higher resolution versions for win7

- Fix: Save Settings immediately after install in 'no-copy' mode ('Install uTorrent in' is unchecked)

- Fix: fix rating column interaction

- Fix: compose the name of a magnet link as utf-8

- Fix: fix sidebar toolbar and detail pane chevron

- Change: Enable URLs that redirect to magnet links for bundles and add torrent URL

- Change: Default sort order in Peers tab is now downloaded bytes

- Fix: prevent name editing (F2) in minified mode

- Fix: Report 64-bit architecture in all cases, so that we choose the proper autoupdate path

- Fix: Don't crash when downloading a large torrent, quickly with small piece size

- Fix: Selecting the last torrent when utorrent is bogged down and removing a torrent

- Fix: More space for translations in Ratings tab

- Fix: data is invalid errors when using partfile

- Fix: Don't disable "Uploaded:" in stats area of Transfer cap pane in Preferences

- Change: Added advanced option: gui.enable_sidebar_buttons

- Fix: stats calculation frequency issue ("flat-line" speed graph)

-- 2011-05-25: Version 3.0 beta (build 25329)

- Fix: Files would be permanently deleted when "Delete to trash" option was selected

- Fix: Play / Stream button would disappear

- Change: Layout in Info tab is now more compact

- Fix: Restore tooltips for buttons in right toolbar

- Fix: Don't show epoch time value for "Completed On" in Info tab

- Fix: "Completed" column would show "Added" time with gui.use_fuzzy_dates = false

- Change: Stop color button green -> red

- Change: fixed autoload directory

- Change: updated default skin colors

- Feature: Add %K to running commands on torrent events, to specify the kind of a torrent (multi file/single file)

- Fix: fix potential freeze on startup with lots of streamable torrents

-- 2011-05-18: Version 3.0 beta (build 25305)

- Change: Display build number and platform in titlebar for alpha/beta builds

- Change: torrents added by apps are now labelled with the apps name

- Fix: transfer cap bug which would always compare to download+upload

- Change: updated spinner animation when adding torrents in apps and loading resume state

- Change: Honor no-buffering properly in hash jobs

- Change: Allow double clicking incomplete files in files tab

- Change: Adding an optional hidden label. Any torrent given the hidden label won't be displayed anywhere but in the label sidebar entries. This includes not showing up in All.

- Fix: fixed issue when creating multifile torrents and starting them where the save directory would be incorrectly set

- Change: Add advanced setting gui.enable_comments to disable sending or receiving comments.

- Change: ratings_enable to gui.enable_ratings.

-- 2011-05-11: Version 3.0 beta (build 25277)

- Fix: open containing folder was broken

- Fix: send to friend dialog

- Fix: windows/context menus would go black

- Change: new icons

- Fix: Hiding Playback column would cause visual issues on Win7

- Fix: crash while auto-updating older 3.0 versions

- Fix: crash after dismissing the welcome window

- Fix: Make sure torrents switch over to "ready to stream" mode automatically

- Fix: Don't cause download directories to be modified while we're seeding.

-- 2011-05-02: Version 3.0 beta (build 25234)

- Fix: When user chooses "prioritize by file order", start downloading files

- Fix: torrent renaming (F2) was broken

- Fix: don't change selection for torrent filter when minimizing sidebar

- Fix: Empty rows in minified view would flash with the column select color (grey)

- Change: Added "gui.use_fuzzy_dates" advanced preference for Added/Completed dates

- Fix: RSS Feeds node was not re-expanded across restarts

-- 2011-04-27: Version 3.0 alpha (build 25233)

- Fix: fixed flickering welcome or find pane item in sidebar

- Change: mitigate sporadic GUI freezes by saving RSS state asynchronously

- Change: eliminate start-up delay by loading torrents asynchronously

-- 2011-04-27: Version 3.0 alpha (build 25230)

- Change: Display "Up Speed" column by default

- Change: Restore no_zero behaviour for hash file jobs. If you enable no_zero, you may experience "File checks do not truncate files, leave trailing garbage"

- Change: make resume data save interval configurable and change default to 2 minutes

- Fix: various web seeding bugs (redirect, url encoding)

- Fix: crash when using the webui

- Change: updated look of error message when failing to download an app

-- 2011-02-18: Version 3.0 (build 24767)

- Feature: make the content offer in the installer dynamic (no more re-builds for updating content offer)

- Fix: startup crash when upgrading with older client settings (64-bit only)

- Change: show installer when ut is launched from a different drive than where it's installed to, to make portable mode installer more accessible

- Fix: highlighting when click and dragging in the listview

-- 2011-02-14: Version 3.0 x64 (build 24704)

- Fix: diskio and dns crashes

- Fix: assert if settings file didn't exist

- Fix: don't parse media file headers before we have scanned the files for .!ut suffix

- Fix: create more space for strings in UI for translations

- Change: turn on isp.bep22 by default

- Change: use 11 asterixes instead of 6 for hashed passwords in settings dialog (in the hope to reduce confusion)

- Fix: systray icon not showing up when starting up minimized, and systray icon is not always on

- Fix: don't delete files when 'download to' and 'move to' directories are the same

- Change: Menu item "Add Torrent (no default save)" became "Add Torrent (choose save dir)"

- Fix: support vodo's RSS feeds

- Fix: minor crash

- Change: New installs now default to the minified view.

- Fix: blank screen when f5 pressed in apps window

- Fix: Message would cut off part of text with newlines in 64-bit on vista and up

- Fix: In minified UI, use completed value in ## of ## display instead of downloaded value

- Change: Install app bundled with torrent file only when app button clicked for torrent

- Feature: added debug call to dump sockets in logger tab context menu

- Fix: uTP fast-resend bug

- Fix: Socket leak, leading to being unable to download

- Fix: minified view hand cursor re-enabled (on share or open hover)

- Fix: minified view share and open icons now have text again

- Fix: re-enable minified view alternating row color

- Fix: rating tab didn't erase properly on resize

- Fix: don't highlight column in minified listview

- Fix: ui artifacts when switching between minified and non-minified dl list

- Fix: list item label edit showed up briefly in minified mode on dbl click

- Feature: enable disk congestion logic when disk cache is turned off

- Fix: "RSS" status didn't show up on list item highlight

- Fix: Show/hide status icon in name column when user changes setting

- Change: improve logging for pex flood events and average over more messages

- Change: dropzone appearance

- Feature: dropzone highlights when file dragged into it

- Change: change semantics of seeding filter to include seeds that are not currently transferring

-- 2011-01-31: Version 3.0 x64 (build 24394)

Initial release

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awesome! Now I just need Mozilla to release a 64 bit version of firefox and thats everything :D But Can you please tell me the advantages to using a 64bit version of Utorrent? I know the basics of how 64bit works, but I didn't think it would really have much of a effect on a torrent client.

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awesome! Now I just need Mozilla to release a 64 bit version of firefox and thats everything :D But Can you please tell me the advantages to using a 64bit version of Utorrent? I know the basics of how 64bit works, but I didn't think it would really have much of a effect on a torrent client.

Mozilla release a 64bit version of Firefox 4, but it won't make in stable release,

probably it will be released as stable with 4.X branch

nightly version - https://nightly.mozilla.org/

here is Flash 64bit and Java 64bit

and 64bit version of µTorrent use some kind of instruction set (SSEx) boost maybe ?

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thumbs/heads up for the 64bit version!

seeing a lot of banning peer: too many pex messages in the log, as in the latest 32bit

experiencing frequent crashes, yet uT is not capturing the dumps and transmitting them home to the developers for debugging, used to be in the 32bit version

was that feature requested to turn off the status icons by default? probably better to have them on by default with the option to turn off

stated to make use of the rating feature - who is able to benefit from the ratings, just uT 3 users?

the ratings of one torrent do show up frequently on other torrents, as if the gui is not redrawing/refreshing properly

statistics are shortened as mentioned in the post above

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As I start runing this version a few seconds later stopped working.


Problémaesemény neve: APPCRASH

Alkalmazásnév: utorrent.exe


Alkalmazás időbélyegzője: 4d431d85

Hiba – modul neve: utorrent.exe

Hiba – modul verziója:

Hiba – modul időbélyegzője: 4d431d85

Kivételkód: c0000005

Kivétel – eltolás: 000000000006de1b

Operációs rendszer verziója: 6.1.7601.

Területibeállítás-azonosító: 1038

További információk 1: 229a

További információk 2: 229aef6e2b4b13a9b3f15cad94d0d297

További információk 3: 343a

További információk 4: 343a3d57e7877ad774814429f0c100f7

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As I start runing this version a few seconds later stopped working.


that is what I am experiencing too - on my end it gets more stable by imposing a global upload limit of max. 75 kB/s, still crashing but less frequently. no crash at global upload limit of max. 10 kB/s, which however is not useful for the torrent
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should gui.color_progress_bars actually color (differently) the progress bar in the status column or how is that achieved, because here it remains plain blue


what is gui.show_av_icon suppose to do? toggled it on/off with no visible difference.

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