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µTorrent 3.0 64-bit experimental 25570


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Microsoft officially said that win8 will support apps for windows 7... there's already a problem with ProtectorSuite (Fingerprint log-in manager) which is fair, but uTorrent relies on windows files for establishing connections, so it may be not that difficult to check those dlls.

For example imageres.dll got some offset for shortcuts, so you'll get slightly offed icons if you used those from imageres in win7. So could be with connection dlls, function rename, new check.

Anyway +1 on the topic and thx to devteam

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I think development should stop for 32bit because it behind the times now.

Java, Flash, Browsers, And the OS is all 64bit or will soon be.

The CPU are also 64bit.

I would want the bugs and feature of the 64bit version to be stable.

I dont want to be looking at 32bit programs anymore for my PC.

Most if not all computers have more then 4gigs of ram which is plenty of space for 64bit.

Be great for home servers and we are getting faster connections.

What are the benefits of 64bit other then cache?

Just think should be spending are time getting ready for the future then focusing on the past, what is already stable.

Dont add new features to a dying format.

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Hi, I seemed to found a bug on the 64 bit.

You see in the picture that last torrent is showing 4006.000 at the ratio.As you can see the other torrents don't show like this torrent.I think is because i never download the files, i had the files before and done a force recheck.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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