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µTorrent 3.0 64-bit experimental 25570


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if the speed was the only issue I am experiencing using this build i would not complain.

For some reason the sytem gets realy unresponsive

menu's are black and no icons or menu items are to be seen (not only in utorrent also in all other applications running and windows right click menu's)

selecting a torrent places a box over it so no info can be seen anymore.

back to 32bit builds

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I've weird problem with 3.0 build, after installation everything is fine, utorrent starts, and i didn't notice any problem. but when i close it, and want to start utorrent again, i get installation window every time i click utorrent icon. I noticed that both installer utorrent-3.0-latest.x64.exe and uTorrent.exe from "program files/utorrent", have same crc and size (5422F0C9, 705KB) it looks like installer is just coping itself to program files... and after installation/close/start again i can't use it, i need to remove exe from program files.

I've 2.2.1 stable installed and it's running fine, just 3.0 is acting weird, i used 3.0 before but my os crashed and i needed to reinstall it, now i can't use 3.0 x64 :(

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So 64-bit builds are now kept in sync with 32-bit builds? I mean, every time you release a 32-bit build of 3.0 you will also launch the same build for 64-bit?

And once 3.0 goes final? Will it be a simultaneous 32-bit / 64-bit release?


It's unlikely that we'll be able to give the 64-bit version enough testing time to release it as stable at the same time that the 32-bit build of 3.0 goes stable. Notice that the 32-bit build is currently labelled "beta", and the 64-bit build is still "experimental"

We just thought it was the right time to start on the 64-bit port, and the sooner we released it, the sooner we'd get it stable.

However, you never know. With the help of testers in the forum, we might be able to get it stable sooner than we had hoped!

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Yes, please!

Also, I don't want the Streamable column in the Files tab, but after I turn it off it comes back on after restarting µTorrent.

These apply to both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Thanks. That bug has been entered as a bug against 3.0

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How to remove this panel? I really don't need it at all. It bugs me thus.


Yes' date=' that behaviour has changed in 3.0. Your best bet is to complain on our uservoice / ideas channel, or in the features forum.[/quote']

Hi, Adam! Thanks for your work and god-speed.

Also thanks for the reply. I will follow your advice.

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