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Ew, Ew, Ew and Ew, uTorrent UI/Features went to the crapper.


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While I like the fact that you guys are continuing on development, and have made one of the best Bittorrent clients on the web, but the only reason I preferred uTorrent over other clients is the following reasons:

1. Easy to use, not a lot of eye candy or misc stuff.

2. Small, reliable and feature-rich for controlling torrents/bittorrent connections

3. Easy to understand, follow, and control.


1. Easy to use, too much eye candy and misc stuff.

2. Bigger, but same reliability, feature-rich in bittorent, but now too feature-rich with misc apps that have no bearing on my downloads.

3. Harder to understand, because I don't understand the concept of giving it "addon/module/app" support.

My opinion, not the opinion of others, and I don't assume it to be better than anyone else's opinion:

1. Make a mini-uTorrent, I mean "app-less", none of this useless app garbage which has no use for the average bittorrent user. Bittorrent != Facebook.

2. Minify the UI again, because it just looks big and clunky.

I'll use uTorrent 2.0.4 until you force upgrading or have too many changes, or decide to give a standalone client again. If I'm forced to upgrade and things continue as-is, I'm moving to another client. I know one mouth doesn't > all, and other people's opinions could possibly trump mine.

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