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Upload limit kills download. How is this fair?


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I know you get cut off below 5k upload, but why do you get so severely limited in your download speed when you try to limit the upload speed just a bit? I set upload to a modest 50K per second so my roommate could play xbox360 (the uploading is what slows gaming down) and I go from 1.9M per second all the way down to 89K per second! The max upload I was pulling was only 150K. How does thirding my upload speed = cutting my download speed by 90%? I watched my peers as I did this, and nearly half of them dropped within seconds of me setting the limit.

This is the most extreme example I have, but this is very common when I am getting an older, widely seeded file. Sometimes with newer, less popular torrents my download won't be limited by a single kps

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