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Can't dowload from private trackers..


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I'm kind of a noob, so I believe this is probably just me being stupid, but I can't download files from private trackers. I download the torrent-files to my PC, and try to add them to my slackware-box (where I have the utorrent server installed). All ports etcetera have been opened in the router, as they should, and public trackers start downloading as soon as they are added. Private trackers however wont start, and shows 0 peers. If I instead start downloading the files directly from my PC, the private trackers start just as easily as the public ones and shows loads of peers..

It seems to me that there's something about the info in the private trackers I'm not managing to transfer from the PC to the server in order for it to start the download.. I just don't know what, or how to transfer what's missing. Please help me, any suggestions are much appreciated.

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