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uT 2.2 Proxy Server / Proxy Privacy settings


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Edit (after post below):

Just did several more uTorrent 2.2 tests - both w/ & w/o using a proxy (or having proxy settings enabled in UT). I'll summarize my findings & puzzlement, & you can read on.

1) In Basic BitTorrent Features (in regular mode - no proxy),

I UN checked-

- Enable DHT network

- Enable DHT for new torrents

- Enable UDP tracker support

Torrent downloads fine w/o DHT or UDP. Has Availability of 46.

2) Switch uTorrent to use proxy - HTTP

- recheck the 3 features above in Basic Features - click Apply.

- "use proxy for hostname lookups" is checked

- "use proxy for peer - peer connections" is checked.

- ALL 3 boxes under Proxy Privacy are UNchecked.

- del torrent & file from above. Close & restart uTorrent. Start new d/l of same torrent w/ proxy settings above.

--> Result: D/L Speed same thru proxy as w/o. Availability is = or better than when not using proxy. Number of trackers & seeds about same as w/o the proxy.

3) Keep all proxy settings as in # 2. Now also CHECK only "Disable connections unsupported by proxy."

Result: Availability drops way down, d/l speed drops way down.

But remember, in NON proxy mode, didn't UNchecking DHT & UDP do basically the same (as help file excerpt below says) that using the proxy & checking "Disable connections unsupported by proxy" would do? Why the big diff in availability & d/l speed then?

4) Keep all proxy settings same, except UNcheck the "Disable connections unsupported by proxy," AND then check other 2 options under Proxy Privacy.

Result: Speed is maxed out the same as using no proxy. Trackers & seeds are about same as w/ no proxy (& settings used above).

So, the fly in the ointment is the proxy privacy setting, "Disable connections unsupported by the proxy." But seems like most of what that disables is also what I disabled in Basic Features, when NOT using a proxy? Yes? Anyone know the answer? I just know it makes a huge diff in availability & d/l speed.

I've read quite a few articles here & elsewhere on privacy & potential attacks (from lack of privacy) using bittorrent, in general. The suggestions are ALL over the map. "Check this setting." "No, don't check that (same) setting." I could spend a month reading & still wouldn't have any definitive answers. Some proxy docs say there's no way to make P2P through a proxy safe from potential attacks (or private).

Not disclosing your IP address is one thing; potential attacks because it is disclosed, is another. I must say the uTorrent 2.2 help file isn't very informative about the settings below. Is there any authoritative source that discusses these privacy / security issues in detail but still layman's terms?

But, I'll ask about these anyway. Generally, have no speed problems (depending on what proxy settings are checked / unchecked). Speed & privacy / safety are different matter.

Under CONNECTION tab, I use HTTP for proxy type. Under that, there are 2 settings I'm curious how they affect privacy / security:

1. Use Proxy for hostname lookups (DNS) (my proxy does handle DNS requests)

2. Use Proxy for peer - peer connections

Having these 2 checked doesn't affect my speed. What about privacy/ security?

Also under CONNECTION, > Proxy Privacy;

1. Disable all local DNS lookups. Help file says, "will disable reverse DNS and prevent hostname lookups from bypassing the proxy." How does that affect privacy / security, if at all?

2. Disable features that leak identifying information. Help file says, "will prevent µTorrent from sharing your non-proxied IP through handshakes with other peers, as well as through DHT."

3. Disable connections unsupported by the proxy. Help file says, "For HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS4 proxies, this will disable all UDP-based communication (DHT, uTP, UDP trackers, IPv6)." I would interpret that as, since I have "HTTP" selected as proxy type, and IF check # 3, DHT, uTP / UDP trackers will not be allowed.

But, the DHT & UDP settings are also under the BitTorrent tab. If they were checked under BitTorrent tab, would checking # 3 under Proxy Privacy over ride settings under BitTorrent?

There doesn't seem to be any authoritative consensus on implications of checking / unchecking many of these. There's a LOT of potential combinations. NOTE: WHEN I CHECK ALL 3 OPTIONS UNDER PROXY PRIVACY, the # of trackers / peers & "Availability" fall to practically nothing - thus, speed drops to a crawl.

However, under BitTorrent tab, Forcing outgoing encryption & not allowing incoming legacy don't affect speed much. So, the proxy privacy settings are the big speed (& privacy/security) issues.


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