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Massive connection timeout with some server


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I have a problem that's running me crazy the latest days. I maintain a private tracker that's based on the TorrentTrader PHP software. We've been running for years without major problems in different servers. Due to overloading, we've being forced to migrate to a VPS dedicated server. We're now in "beta" phase using both the old server and the new one with both announce URLs in the torrents. The software in both server is almost the same:

* Linux operating system

* Apache 2

* PHP 5

* MySQL 5

* TorrentTrader 2.03 with some customization.

After some days running both announce URLs, some people told me that they had connection timeouts in the new one. I started the forensic_log module of Apache to get any trace of the problem. The result is that, although uTorrent is the preferred (and recommended) client of our users, only 10% of the uTorrent/BitTorrent peers are connecting to the new server. The rest 90% are Azureus, kTorrent, etc. user agents.

I set up both uTorrent and Azureus clients in my home PC and tested the new announce URL. It got connection timeout persistently on uTorrent and connection OK on Azureus. I set up the same software in my work (it's an university campus) and everything was OK. So it seems that uTorrent has difficult to connect to the new server only from some kind of user side connection (perhaps with older routers instead of the advanced network hardware on the campus).

I analyzed the logs on both servers, and found that uTorrent some times include the "ipv6" param string in the announce URL and other times don't do it (different client versions?). The announces that don't include the ipv6 param never connect to the new server.

It's a really confusing scenario. I'm wondering if the new VPS server has some sophisticated network setup (perhaps IPv6) that's not in the old server. It seems that this network setup is incompatible with uTorrent/BitTorrent (when combined with old routers or system software in the user side) but compatible with other clients. Even the newest version of uTorrent has timeout problems from some users. Perhaps a bug?

I've also tested the new server with a lot of other clients (all sorts of web browsers, FTP/SSH clients, etc.) without any problem.

This is a big problem to us, because we obviously can't ask the users for change massively their routers or systems. We can't go to other server, because we put a lot of money in the new one. The server support also reject our claims because the incompatibility of certain client software isn't a server side problem. I'm being forced to recommend the users to do not use uTorrent or BitTorrent when experimenting problems.

Any help will be appreciated.



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