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µTorrent is behaving oddly


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Just beforehand, I shut my computer down, and just as it shut down I pulled its power cord, and when I rebooted, i loaded µTorrent and it had none of my torrents in the download bar, but it was still downloading, and uploading, but displaying that I had no downloads in progress and none completed, I leave all my finished torrents in my client for ease of finding, but nothing was there, and as I said before it was still downloading, so obviously everything is working fine,

I also had to rescan my music into my music library, I assume maybe it has something to do with the plug being pulled just as it shut down, maybe clearing the ram, or something like that and destroying any cached files, is there any way to get these back, or re-load them from some other file?

or anything i can do within the application to make it all show up again?

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