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Move completed downloads thing deleted my files


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Ok, so I have the "Put new downloads in" set and the "Move completed downloads" thing as well.

(Edit: They were NOT pointing to the same location. ;))

This is basically what happened.

1) Downloaded a torrent with a directory of files.

2) Had one of them open when uTorrent finished, so it only moved some of the files. (All the files up to that one, in the order they were listed in the torrent.)

3) Got a "Files missing, recheck" message, so I close uTorrent, move the files manually to the "completed downloads" folder, open uTorrent and recheck.

4) Again, get a "Files missing, recheck" message, so I manually set the download location to where I moved them.

5) All files that uTorrent moved itself automatically, are now gone. Nowhere to be found.

Not sure what to make of that, except that I'm out 6 gigs of bandwidth :(


On second glance, it seems not all of the missing files were moved by uTorrent. Some of the files I moved myself are also gone.

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Ok, so I have the "Put new downloads in" set and the "Move completed downloads" thing as well.

Both set to the same location?

Nope, different locations. (Why would I have bothered otherwise? :P)

The "new" location is a directory within the "completed" directory. - It works fine under normal circumstances. Was just the fact that one of the file was locked by the OS that there was a problem moving them.

I'm find it difficult to understand why ANY action would simply remove the files without warning, especially those I was using.

If so, change the "Move Completed downloads" setting to a different location or turn it off..

Surely using the same location for both has the same effect as turning it off, if one was inclined to do so?

If not, and the code is actually deleting the source directory before it can copy itself over... itself... that would be a rather big bug, no? :lol:

Thanks for the speedy reply, by the way! ;)

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Funny.. exact same thing is happening to me right now. Figured it was some known issue with 2.2 so I upped to the beta, but still the same problem as above.

The file is in the directory ok as it is being downloaded, but during the move process it gets erased for some reason.. permissions for the user are ok for the directories it is trying to access.

Win7/64 bit.

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Don't set the same folder for "Put new downloads" and "Move completed downloads".

Does that really make a difference? I tested it over here and it doesn't appear so.

I'm having a hard time believing that the people making this great app would make such a bonehead mistake :D

Perhaps a situational bug?

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