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Trying to understand the coded colors


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Hi all,

Love the work on uTorrent, The one thing that the help does not cover is the color coded icons.

I understand the icon that downloads, and uploads, pauses and stopped.

But what to the colors mean? Download is usually blue, but when it turns red, what does that mean? I have not found any descriptions for what that means. Is it that there are no seeders? Doesn't seem to mean that. I see the colors on the lower panel when I switch to the 'files' tab.

I don't think that it means that the torrent is dead, as the downloads continue with the same download rate.

Occasionally all the icons go red. But I still get downloads and data is sent out for uploads.

When all the icons go red what should I do? Nothing? Or re-start?

Please put something into the help that would explain the colors.


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