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Re-Check Says the File is missing but it's not


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Subject line says it.

I'm using uTorrent 2.2 (build 23703) on Windows XP Pro 5.1

I moved some files and then was horrified to find that most of them showed up as starting a download from scratch, even though they were already present. If there were multiple files in a torrent, whatever I had downloaded earlier-- all available files, or only selected files-- failed to call out "Present" when called upon and started to download all over again into the exact same place.

Files were not renamed.

Some other files, having been copied to a backup drive, show as only partly downloaded. Infuriatingly, this sometimes shows up as missing the last one percent or so.

I ask because it is, of course, very hard to bear that I am willing to seed and have something to seed, but places that care about my ratio (and I, of course) don't get made happy when I can't upload what I've got.

Any ideas? Please note that this question is somewhat similar to this one, posted two days ago:

Re-Check misses files by nutman

2011-02-11 06:20:23

For the record, I've been using this program for several years now, but while I'm used to losing the last itsy little tiny bit in a file-- maddening as that is-- looking right at something complete and correct only to find the program ignoring the information is worse.

Any help will be gratefully received. Pls bear in mind that my maximum level of technology efficiency involves turning on a light switch, and not always even that, sad to say.


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