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Problems with downloading torrents - After some time it slows down


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Im having an X-File when downloading torrents with Utorrent. Please take a look to see if you realize some solution, I have tried everything with no results...

My Connection / System Data is:

Cable Download 50Mbps/ Upload 5Mbps

US Robotics Wireless nDx Router

The PC that downloads is connected to the router with Debolo PLCs devices.

Windows 7 Ultimate.

Utorrent 2.2 downloading from private tracker with many seeders.

Actual Utorrent Settings:

Download Speed: Unlimited

Upload Speed: 400 KB/s

Active Torrents: 15

Global Connections: 500

Connections per torrent: 100

Used many combinations, including using the wizard of uTorrent, same problems.

First of all say that I have that PC uploading some torrents 24/7 with no problem at all. I have that PC monitored by ping, with times of 4ms.

But when I download a file:

It starts correctly, connecting to seeders and highering its speed . But after some time (like 1 or 2 mins), the ping to that PC rises up to 1000ms or even more and the download speed gets down to 550 KB/s from around 2 MB/s.

If i pause the torrent, the network of that pc restablishes to normal inmediately. If i resume after pause it breaks inmediately also.

But if I stop the torrent it takes like 1 or 2 min again to break.

I have tried every single configuration of uTorrent with no result, this includes:

Reduce Global connections, download speed, upload, active torrents, uPnP, ports..... Also used ridicolous minimal settings with same results.

In the router I have tried to disable SPI Firewall (Possible UDP Flooding), port forwarding to other IPs on LAN, uPNP... Same results...

I will apreciate any kind of help with this. Thanks for your Help!!!!

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