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Please Help! Sudden drop in speed- tried everything!


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So I've been getting slow speeds from Utorrent, as in <1kb/s per seed resulting in no more than 20kb/s. This has not always been the case and from good ratios and seeds I normally get 300kbs sometimes even more however very recently and suddenly the speed has dropped. I have so far completed the following:

1. Tried various torrents, this has always resulted in slow speed. No matter how well the torrent is seeded.

2. Tried Utorrent on different computers on the the same network. They have average speeds, not great, but not as poor as mine.

3. Checked internet speed. With the result being normal speed. Browsing, streaming is all fine and fast which leads me to believe that I'm not getting restricted speeds from the ISP however these results are worrying and also confusing, so any help with the results would be great :)

All BitTorrent and control flow transfers using port 6881

Transfer Direction Bandwidth BitTorrent flow Bandwidth control flow

Download #1 failed failed

Download #2 1 Kbps failed

Download #3 0 Kbps 1 Kbps

Upload #1 522 Kbps 451 Kbps

Upload #2 592 Kbps 465 Kbps

Upload #3 436 Kbps 212 Kbps

4. Forwarded the port . This was successful and showed the port to be open, which I assume means it's been forwarded.

5. Reinstalled Utorrent Software and reset settings.

6. Tried different clients i.e Bitorrent and Vuze.

7. Reset of settings and power on/off for router.

8. Used setup guide from these forum's and the auto setup on Utorrent.

This did occur on one occasion before on my old computer with the same router and ISP however after reinstalling Windows the problem disappeared. This is something I want to avoid at all costs with my current computer.

So, any thoughts? Any help will be much appreciated.

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Sorry I can't post with any suggestions or a positive reply, but I just wanted to add support to this thread, as the description of your problem sounds identical to mine:

I've read all the threads I can here and tried pretty much all the suggestions going, but alas. I've been using uTorrent for years and have good bandwidth and well-maintained pc and was enjoying very fast downloading up to 1.5mb/s on a good day (with a decent seed/peer ratio). Two weeks ago my download speed using uTorrent suddenly dropped to around 5kb/s with similar seed/peer ratios! I hadn't made any changes so was and still am baffled. Some files that used to take 10 minutes are now taking days! My bandwidth has tested out okay, my ISP claim they are definitely not throttling my bandwidth from their end (I'm on unlimited per month), my router is fine and port settings seem okay, my pc seems fine, yet download speed using uTorrent remains dreadful. Downloads from other sites seem as fast as usual; it's just torrents using uTorrent. It's so frustrating!

The only thing I did do recently was to download codecs in order to transcode .mkv files - which work great. I can't imagine this would dramatically slow download speeds? I even tried uninstalling these codecs to see if it did make a difference, but it doesn't. I've tried tune-up software, registry cleaners, anti-virus, and tried pretty much all the setup tutorials on the web to maximise uTorrent download speed, but to no avail. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling uTorrent and all my codec packages, but I still am left with the same result. I'm considering re-installing Windows but am still trying to find an alternative before I go ahead.

Can anybody add anything or suggest something that I and cooper 441 may be missing? Something obvious would be ace! Here's hoping, people! :-)

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If your test is failing you might wanna contact your isp

DId the test tell you your download or upload is being throttled??

Ive been going through same crap dude, i wanna cry lol

Ive been using the test site your using for a week now :P don't be scared to comment.

If you are being throttled (limited) then thats your issue is like me "your very pissed off and wished that Throttling never existed"

JUST to reenforce those paranoid ppls opinions. I had called my isp to ask if i was being throttled, after i did a test that confirmed my upload was throttled. When i called once, the guy said yes my upload is being throttled. I called days later cause i was frustraded and....."no sir there is no sign of throttling your account, though we call it Bandwidth Security not Throttling" Did the test! and said same thing. Upload is limited.

My advice is redo the test, find out if download or upload is being throttled. IF NOT, then your in luck, and its just a matter of finding the right settings which can take time.

*settings* I Changed my settings today, cause i read something from Switchtek on our forums. and its helped, my speeds still go up and down like mad, but it is helping

try disabling all 4

Options>preferences> Enable DHT Network. Enable DHT network for new Torrents and Local Peer DIscovery.

In peers window Right click, and disable Resolve IP

Disable all these, while torrents are off and then restart the program. so far this has been my best fix. *NOTE* I know you said you tried everything, but im on the same page, and this combo so far is working better.

Is your ISP rogers btw??

Good luck dude, theres alot of ppl going through crap since new update /hug your not alone

ps. i reformatted to try to solve this, didn't work.

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Interesting. I had the same problem and tried the same things. I eventually found an easy fix. I posted it here and now it's gone.. It's still on the thread I started, but I wonder now for how long...Is there some rule against pasting a solution that's worked for you on other threads that are about the same problem? Or is it considered spam to suggest returning to an earlier version of utorrent?

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Hey everyone. I've tried all of the above (and all the forum guides) but to no avail. The only thing that worked for me (temporarily) was to perform a clean install of Windows XP, and hey presto I was back downloading at 1.8mbps!

I have, however, been intrigued by the fact that my download speeds were originally suddenly terrible right after a particular Windows automatic update - has anyone else noticed this? I'm wondering if Microsoft may have released some kind of security update which may be conflicting with uTorrent and therefore resulting in these terrible download speeds, as there does seem to be a big issue right now, since the turn of the new year and around the time of this update...? Is this possible?

My ISP has confirmed they are not throttling or traffic shaping and I've completed an online test which confirms they are not. Between achieving 1.8mbps and suddenly dropping to 1kbps the ONLY change to my system was a Microsoft Windows update.

To test my theory, I performed Windows updates manually right after the clean install and after re-installing necessary drivers, and checking uTorrent download speeds inbetween these updates. Speeds were still fine (1.8mbps) until one particular security update for Service Pack 3 - and then in a flash my download speeds were back down to 1kbps! I would like to add I have now performed a clean install of Windows XP on my pc THREE TIMES and each time I arrived at the same result.

Has anybody else noticed this, and does anybody possess the technical knowledge to put my theory to the test? I apologise in advance if I am speaking out of turn, or out of my depth, but after performing THREE clean installs of XP on my pc in order to run seperate tests of this theory and arriving at the same conclusion - I'm stumped!

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Thanks for the input, xxgabrielxx. Do you know what? Neither would I. I'm seriously considering performing yet another clean install and disabling automatic updates.........uTorrent always works awesomely whenever I do this and the updates just screw it up every single time. Perhaps that's the answer staring me in the face...? I always thought it was dodgy to not update your system for security reasons though.....what are the risks? How does your machine run without updates?

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Having the same kinda problems that everyone seems to be having at the moment. Up until recently i have always had a constant download speed at around 1.3Mbit/s, but now only reaching 200kbit/s and its doing my head in!!!!! Ive ran tests and all seems fine, but the network bit at the bottom has a yellow star next to it and says Results: Port is not open (but you are still able to download What does this mean and how do i open the port can anyone please help?????

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Christ this is becoming an epidemic.

flamaha..exact same shit is happening to me.

Sadly some of the windows updates are needed for me, framework updates and so forth for certain games.

Im on windows 7. But!

1. When i do clean install, Utorrent works like magic. Sadly my gaming requires some of these updates. So im forced too.

2. Though your on xp and I'm on 7. I went from xp to windows 7 because of update crap interfering with programs, Utorrent being one of em. Happened with me on vista too once again, after updates.

Though after all this i have found a temp fix for my download speed issue. Cause im sick of formatting. Im actually having fun installing drivers now........that;s how bad it has become

-Forward your port through your router. Use the port you pick in Utorrent and forward that directly

After i did this, that is when my speeds increased. Check your router make and find your router ip site to edit your NAT (port forward) If your not sure how, you can call your ISP or google it.

-Turn off UPnp and NAT-PMP port mapping,

This can interfere with your connection to a torrent at first, but it clears up after few seconds

-Protocol encryption enabled

helps with bastard ISP's that throttle.

I don't know if this works for you, but after 1 month of dealing with Utorrent up and down speeds, its best for me. Went from 150Kb/s MAX average, to 400-600kB/s. My speeds are up and down still, but nothing drops below 300kB/s on a 10MB dl 1MB up connection.

I'm yet to see a torrent with good Seed to Peer ratio drop below 150kB/s let alone go down to 0kB/s like it used too

Old connection on torrents previous too 2.2 was 1mb download constantly on good seed/peer ratio torrents. With tons of reformats and speed guide testings, nothing has brought it back to the same

Good luck dude

PS........Anyone who formats and is on WINDOWS XP or WINDOWS 7. And has POSITIVE results with Utorrent (no windows updates) Post here please .

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I had this problem too. I also realized that when seeding, the majority of utorrent and bittorrent clients downloaded from me very slowly, while others kept dowloading rapidly. Finally I've banned uTorrent and now I use Shareaza. No problems recently.

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Had drops and downs in speed too and really pissed me cause this is great lite downloader.Being google 20mins to find to fix it and find it. Go settings---advanced--and find bt.tcp_rate_control make it False,and it should be good after restart the download.Now speed is rock and dont drop anymore

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Thanks for the input, people. I've tried all suggestions to no avail, and mjb1784 - thanks very much for the thoughts, but I've already tried port forwarding and there was barely any improvement: 1kbps up to 3.5kbps. All I can do is muse over a decision whether or not to do a clean install of XP for the fifth time and run my pc with automatic updates turned off, which is supposed to be a very bad security risk situation. This is driving me nuts!!!

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