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Unfinished torrents not saving/ old Deleted torrents showing with red


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Hi Support

I hope you can help me

Two issues (probably related)

1. When I first used U torrent if I wasnt finished downloading a torrent it would contunue where it left off when I next logged on, however now I have to completely restart downlading if I had not completed.

2. Ancient (deleted) torrent form 2 years ago appear in my torrent list with a red x, no recent ones /

Any ideas this is a major hassle


U Torrent 2.2

I have tried resinstalling but doesnt work :(

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I have now realised that the dat files etc were read only for some unknown reason i have now removed this from the dat files

what are you saying save the dat files to any location then just create a blank resume.dat notepad in there and try and load one?

Bit lost now want to just clean it up completely ...

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