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Is this movie legit and from Utorrent.?


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Hi, i am new to this forum so still getting used to it.

I have been using utorrent version 1.8.4 and decided to let it update.

Included in the update was an offer to get the movie called-beyond the game.I chose to have the movie and it auto loaded it into utorrent and i started the download.

It quickly downloaded to 3 percent then i saw it dwindling and then turned red. Then i noticed that my router had dropped out and i had to run the setup assistant for my router to get back on line.

After doing that i still saw the torrent as red so i thought i would just remove it (not torrent and data) and then just re-add the torrent.

All my downloaded torrents normally go to downloads and i add them from there. This torrent wasnt showing in my downloads folder and i cant see where it must have put it.

My question is~is this torrent legit and genuinly offered in the download or is it a bug that knocked my modem/router out. I am hoping it is just a coincidence that my router dropped out but just thought i would check before trying to find the torrent and doing the same thing.Also is there a link to get the torrent back if i cannot find it in my computer.?


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