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In Windows version (2.2 build 24402) can't adjust torrent bandwidth

Fulminated Mercury

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I am reporting a bug. I used to be able to individually set specific upload limits for individual torrents. This no longer works. Your suggested work-around does not help me. Tonight I was trying to seed a private torrent to a friend in LA. A House MD episode automatically came in via RSS, and it immediately began to download at about 100K. Due to the initial high number of peers vs. seeds, within a few minutes, House MD was uploading at over 300K, which approaches the limit of my upload bandwidth. The torrent I was seeding to my friend dropped to about 10K per second. I went into the properties of the House MD torrent, and set the upload rate to 100K. Unfortunately, this had no effect, and the torrent continued to upload at almost 300Kps. With all previous versions of uTorrent, I have been able to adjust the bandwidth cap for each torrent individually, as needed. That feature is now broken in the current version.

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