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Your port is not open or reachable

Simon Sudbury

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Hi Everyone

First post so will try to be clear and quick. Have Infinity but suffer the usual BT throttling of PSP files. Currently use Utorrent and have made recommended tweaks to speed up downloads etc. I've also tried to set port forwarding in advanced hub settings but think I've gone wrong somewhere as the speeds are even slower now and don't speed up significantly overnight or during the day (weekdays) like they used to.

Three issues are really bugging me:

When you include the Utorrent port number in the hub (I was advised to set this as 45682) do you just include it as a single number or a range? Is it TCP or DCP in the case of Infinity or any? There are also three devices listed and I can't differentiate between them. They are listed as MFW ...../Tony..../Unknown...….. I dual boot XP and Vista so wondered if the hub was seeing these as two PCS etc. I assumed the one starting with Tony was correct but I'm not really sure.

I've obviously buggered it up somewhere just not sure where. I've tried the PCP checker and it confirms that the Utorrent port is blocked etc so there's clearly a problem.

Will search on Utorrent site but any help you can provide would be much appreciated.



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Just wanted to add that I've set 55641 as the port for Utorrent as I have BT Home Hub 2. Everything else is set as per guide:Encryption, upload speed, exceptions in Windows Firewall etc etc.

However still get "Port is not open" when I run the test.

I notice there are some pre defined games and applications but they have obviously not been assigned to a port. When the guide says "you have to configure the hub to route all TCP/UDP to port 55641" how does that relate to all these preinstalled games.

Should also add that I run PCTools Spyware Doctor but I've disabled that and it still makes no difference to torrent speeds.

Just a bit mystified.

Thanks for your time once again.

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