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Moving Appdata Torrent


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I have a question about properly moving everything currently downloaded and setting up future downloads to a different drive. I installed uTorrent to my C: and everything now goes there. I know how to manually move everything that has already been downloaded to my D:. Now I must cut or copy the appdata torrent files to the D: so I can properly seed the files/downloads in uTorrent. Is there any particular place that is good to put this folder on the D: or would it be fine anywhere on the D:? Do you want to put it in the same directory as your finished downloads? And then once this is done, I should just be able to change the directory in order for all future downloads to go onto D: drive correct? The problem is I have set that up before and I get a "the request cannot be processed because of a device I/O error." Anybody know why that is? Maybe because I still had the Appdata Torrent on C: but it should have changed that though when I indicated for everything to go to D:.

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