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incorrect information display


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i have an issue regarding displayed info.

everything was fine but recently i started noticing that on tracker page the uploaded amount doesn't display correctly at all. i don't restart utorrent or stop torrent from seeding and start it again.

it just works all the time and if i'm right, then it sends the newest uploaded amount information to the tracker about the last ~40 minutes depends how much is set in each tracker.

if there is a solution to this - i would love to hear it. if you also have ever had this problem just post it down below.

my utorrent version is: uTorrent/2200(23703), Windows XP SP3

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Are you sure the tracker display about ratio stats is not broken?

Because I saw many private trackers broken and not able to report excatly the ratio.

well, i can't know that for sure cause i can't check other user stats so easily..

alough i asked in local forum and there were no similar issues recorded.

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