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Pretty weird issue


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-Lemme start off by saying thanks to all the seeders and this whole community ive been a part of for years now.

Im using bittorrent 7.2 for quite a while now, it server me well.

Lately even when all my DLs are at 100% and it should show 0kb/s DL on the bottom bar it instead says 9kb/s up to 15kb/s when all DLs are at 100%.

Im running a win 7 x64, thought it might have been a virus or a worm so i ran bitdefender 2011 and found nada also checked on bitdefender for any suspicious internet activity also found nothing that would explain the 9kb/s.

and advice would be appreciated

may i also add that though the peer pools are huge in some of the torrent (more then 4000 people) i am unable to connect to any as a seeder..


{img}{/img} aint working -i knnow its [][]

for some reason isn't working

checked the forum found out this problems pretty much everywhere- did it start about 2-3 weeks ago?

as of yet i didnt find any answer...

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