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Global maximum number of connections is highly overrided


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Hi there, I've an issue with global max. number of connectuons.

Look at this screenshot :


As you see, utorrent's global max. conns is set to 222, and cFosSpeed shows that now 837 connections are alive.

As I can see in connections list all of them belongs to utorrent.

Did you know why is it so?

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Hmm, I see.

I've tried to find a software to look at open ports states, so, I've found a lil proggy CurrPorts (it's awesome), and it reports that I've ~1600 ports open with utorrent process.

Most of all is "time wait" flagged.

Others are "closing" and "established" which is less than global max conns settings.

But what does it mean - "time wait"? Why are them doesn't going to close and just flows in time with no any activity?

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Usually I've got like 200 TCP cons and it's ok with firewall and no UDP (max conns limit is 255).

So if I stop blocking UDP they amount starts to grow and override all limits, I've like +600-700 UDP connections, sadface.

Does anybody have the same situation with UDP, or it's only me?

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Firewall(outpost pro) and cFosSpeed shows ~600-800 UDP connections.

With no firewall installed cFosSpeed shows the same.

With firewall installed and UDP allowed it starts to eat processor time, and sometimes it's 100% and system goes very slow.

I'm thinking that it could be a conflict between firewall and cFosSpeed, is there anybody with the same setup working good on win 7 ult.?

Btw, cfos speed is good connections software shaper.

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I've Outpost uninstalled and bring ZoneAlarm pro to the front.

If I start blocking UDP with it, DPC (Deferred Procedure Calls) going to ~10%.

With no any UDP blocking their amount's increasing speed is incredible fast - I do not like to see in cFosSpeed ~800 UDP ports being processed.

Maybe it's cFos bug?

What firewall can you recommend?

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