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Uploading incredibly slow


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I'm still a little new to the torrenting thing so I don't really know any of the settings very well.

But when I'm downloading almost any torrent the average speed i get is 600kb, I don't really know if that's fast for other people but I think it's a good speed.

Normally I don't really pay attention to my upload speed so I don't know how much my upload speed is. But I joined this invitation-only website and I need to maintain a 0.6 ratio every month and when I check my uploading speed it starts off at about 8kb for about 10 minutes then goes down to .5kb and sometimes it will just go to zero and I can't seed anymore.

I don't really understand how the whole peer thing works but I know it has to do with my seeding.

I'm currently seeding right now with the Peers saying: 7(41) and seeds if it matters: 0(49)

My upload speed right now is .4-2kb

I don't really know what settings to turn off or on but the settings

I keep my upload rate at 50 even though it never goes anywhere near that.

I change my number of connections regularly but for this torrent it's 125 with 70 Max Peers.

Everything else I either unchecked or left to default

I would not like to get linked to a tutorial or guide or anything because I still won't understand what to change or get a answer so please no guides, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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