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lots of seeds but never a connect


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I have a couple of torrents with lots of seeds but am never connecting to them.

One file is 99.8% complete with 0(43) seeds showing. My upload ratio is 1.7:1 on this particular torrent.

Another added December 3 is stalled at 60% complete, with 0(13) seeds showing and no progress since the first few days.

Another older torrent, recently added completed only .9% then stalled, even though it is showing 0(54) seeds with 0(1) peers.

Most other torrents transfer well, up and down.

What's wrong?

How can I fix it?

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What's the colour of the network icon in µT? Yellow triangle? Green circle?

Do these torrents come frome the same tracker?

Icon is green "Network OK - ...working as it should"

I got the torrents from onebigtorrent, but it is not one of the trackers embedded in the torrents.

The torrent for the first had embedded trackers at denis.stalker.h3q.com and www.torrentsnipe.info, but both of those are dead now i think.

The second came from demonoid.

The 3rd from democracynow.org (still active).

it is the onebigtorrent tracker that is reporting the number of seeds available.

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can someone try this torrent:


then add this tracker:


I am getting:

DHT working 0 Seeds 1 Peer

Local Peer Discovery working 0 Seeds 0 Peers

Peer Exchange working 0 Seeds 0 Peers

Trackers reporting:

http://ewheel.democracynow.org:6969/announce 0 Seeds 0 Peers

http://onebigtorrent.org/announce.php 54 Seeds 1 Peer

54 Seeds indicated by that tracker, but none ever connect to share.

Why don't any of these 54 show on DHT?

Since none ever connect, I am thinking they are phantoms, that they do not exist. Possible?

onebigtorrent tracker works for dozens of other torrents for me. But not this one (or a few others).

Does it work for you?

Something wrong with this torrent file?

Some anomaly on onebigtorrent for reporting this one?

Some quirk in my system/configuration?

Some quirk in uTorrent? (grasping I know...)

Any clues?

da BugMagnet

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54 Seeds indicated by that tracker, but none ever connect to share.

I tried this torrent. Don't trust what the website displays, the stats are likely false (because outdated).

If your µT client is working (green network icon, no firewall blocking it), you have to trust the numbers displayed by µT.

This torrent is dead, there are only 1 or 2 leechers with the partial torrent. That's all.

Wait for a potential seed or find another source (surely the best thing to do).

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thanks moogly.

I guess I don't understand how trackers work. I thought they provided a current status of seeds and peers - but the onebigtorrent tracker has been reporting 54 seeds for the last two weeks at least. How long does it take to update to the fact that there are 0 seeds??

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