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Multiple PPPoE connections for more speed


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I am on a LAN, and get internet via a PPPoE connection. Our ISP limits each PPPoE connection to a mere 50 KB/s download speed. I was able to obtain and connect more than one PPPoE connection with the help of RASPPPoE and multiple Network Adapters ( each PPPoE connection bound to a unique network adapter ).

Now, sometimes, I am able to get speed increase, while downloading with utorrent, whereas most of the time, if another PPPoE connection is dialed ( RASPPPoE ) the previously connected connection(s) is/are put into idle mode, but this doesn't always happen, as sometimes, I was able to obtain speeds like 70 or 80 KB/s using two PPPoE connections.

I am not using the RASPPPoE's unique feature, which allows multiple PPPoE connections on a single network adapter, as it does not help me to get speed increase.

I was also able to obtain upto 200 KB/s speed ( using 4 or 5 PPPoE connections ) on a Ubuntu 10.10 torrent.

Single Connection with Speed :


Multiple Connections with Speed 60 KB/s :


Two Connections with Speed 90 KB/s :


Multiple Connections And Ubuntu 10.10 :


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