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In Need Of Help regarding upload speeds and router question


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i've noticed within the past few weeks that my upload speeds has been extremely reduced. I thought it was my router but I got help and now i am connectable and i pass the utorrent setup guide test. i am listed as connectable on the torrent trackers that i am a member of too. i'm not sure if my ISP is currently throttling me. Though i have heard on here that my particular ISP does do that to people (Optimum Online). I do have over 200 torrents running with most of them being seeded cause i havent reached 1:1 ratio yet but most of those i have been trying to seed 1:1 for a very long time. i think i have incorrect settings in utorrent or something. I even tried using the guides on youtube the ones that claim it can speed up your speeds on utorrent. Can anyone please help me out with advice? i have a router (Dlink WBR-1310 - old i know) and i have been thinking of getting a Netgear N+ Dual-Band Gigabit Router that i saw advertised at a good price cause i would like to get good speeds again and i also do a lot of streaming of media from my computer to my Playstation 3. i think it would be worth it at least regarding streaming concerns. Any suggestions? i would deeply appreciate it if someone can help me out.

thanks all. take care. :)

EDIT: The utorrent version i have is 2.2 (Build 24402)

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