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Samsung G3 Station 2TB, Utorrent and Interrupts


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Hello there uTorrent community. I am forced to stress all of you with this topic because I haven't been able to find out what the hell is going on with my system.

I just bought a Samsung G3 Station 2TB USB 2, installed it, made some back-ups and now started downloading with uTorrent on it.

I have been using an Asus k50ab laptop (amd 64 x2 4k+, 4gb ddr 2, hitachi 250 gb) and never had problems with uTorrent so far whilst downloading on the internal hdd.

As soon as I started downloading on the external hdd, Interrupts and DPCs (saw that with Process Explorer) started going through the roof in CPU usage. If the download speed went over 1.5 mB/s, the Interrupts started using over 10% CPU.

Resource Monitor states that System Interrupts (Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines) eats the most CPU whilst downloading directly on the external hdd.

I have all the uTorrent settings on default excepting Global maximum number of connections (600) and Maximum number of connected peers per torrent (15) as I download a lot of small things at the same time.

I reckon it might be a buffer problem or something similar but I could really use your help.

Yours truly',

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