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Moving Files Automatically - Alpha 24767


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I know this issue have arisen before, however it doesn't occur in the same way for me...

I have new downloads go to one location (say its c:\unfinished), and once completed, I have them moved to a new location (say thats c:\finished)

if the torrent I am downloading is a single file torrent (comes up by itself in c:\unfinished as a single file) it will be moved to c:\finished

but if the torrent is a multi file/folder one, it doesn't get moved to c:\finished, it just stays in the c:\unfinished folder...

I have tried multiple methods to rectify this, including reinstallation of utorrent, remove these settings (preferences->Directories) and then reapply... nothing has worked so far...

It used to work fine in 2.2.1 (i think thats the old version I was using before trying Alpha)

so thats the quirky little thing I have found ...

however what an awesome job you're doing guys/gals ... keep up the good work!

EDIT: I should also mention this is the x64 version ... my bad

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Just came to report the problem, but I see it is already reported. And just like Yogo, I'm using 64bit version of Alpha 24767. Initially I thought some random torrents are moved and some are not, but now that Yogo mentioned it, I clearly see that only torrents with multiple files were not moved.

I will try a 32bit version now.

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