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SSL announce refused to connect


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got this new problem: suddenly my SSL announces refuse to connect.

On all connections in the Trackers tab I get this status: Connection with the server wasnot estabilished.

This problem only deals with SSL protocol, as if I change the announce URL to http, everything starts work again (doesnot seem as tracker problem as I was noticed by other users that they are ok with SSL).

Any resolution, or diagnostics, to disclose and repair the problem?

Tried several BT functionality tests, including port checker at your site and all were successfull (my IP seems still public).

Moreover during this problem, I encountered some odd behaviouhr, like that I'm identified as passive peer, even with IP which doesnot belong to me. This could be some clue. (I use direct connection in uTorrent and I'm not behind any NAT as the tests show)

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