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Download to multiple places


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Is there a possibility to download file to multiple places?

E.g. to put downloaded files in target folder and some other folder as a backup.

You may ask where this is applicable. Well, if you have WiFi networked machines, home LAN doesn't work that fast for transferring big files, but during download, this won't be a problem (since download speed is generally slower even than 802.11g). Having some kind of Dropbox for syncing folders is processor and battery consuming and it may be improved by initial storing in two places...

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I don't quite understand your description but you could install 2 bittorrent clients. You can move the configuration file to the same folder utorrent is running from. Then can have as much utorrents as you want.

I don't think this will satisfy my request. Basically, I want single downloaded data to be stored in two places automatically (during download) - some sort of real time mirror...

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