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Add an option to prevent it from starting up unless with bosskey given


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Add an extra option to boss-key feature to prevent uTorrent from even starting up unless proper boss-key password provided

I mean when you click on it to start it up, it will give you the password promotion screen that appears when using boss-key, this should protect the application from being run by unauthorized people to prevent modification of settings or modifying/deleting current torrent files, because if uTorrent isn't running(not boss-key protected) and someone run it then it will be unprotected.

i hope this feature comes to upcoming versions, I'm sure that this feature will help a lot of people and prevent several problems that may occur when you are not in front of your computer and don't want someone to access utorrent (maybe little kids that may mess everything up lol)

And finally, epic huge props to all people working on utorrent and managing the forums, keep up the great work and thank you so much for uTorrent and all your hard work! :)

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