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Fresh W7 install with VERY unstable download speed/connectivity


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Today I re-installed my computer with Windows 7 Ultimate (64Bit) and I choose UTorrent as my client.

Ex. Gentoo user with Transmission.

The problem is stability regarding my download speed.


I pick a well-seeded .torrent and the speeds settles somewhere between 20-30Mb/s and all of a sudden it just drops to a flat 0. My connection also drops.

I am directly connected to the internet through fiber. There are no firewalls, routers or anything like that. IP handed to my through DHCP.

Is there something I need to do, configured or something I haven't thought of when I jumped over to Windows 7?

This is a completelly fresh install, with all the latest updates from Windows Update. Latest NIC drivers and so on.

Windows Firewall is turned off.

I noticed the tcp overhead versus nix* and WOW.. Windows sucks. But that shouldn't be the limiting factor.

I can easily reach over 9.5Gbit/s over Cat6 with my NIC locally. So throughput shouldn't be the problem either.

Shortly. What config/setting(s) have I overlooked that usually creates this kind of problem with typically windows and torrent clients?

Thanks beforehand.

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I'm adding 2 pictures of how it looks like.

http://img694.imageshack.us/i/utorrentdiscon.png/ <- UTorrent DL speed working (for a few secs)

http://img411.imageshack.us/f/utorrentdiscon2.png/ <- Activity going up / down frequently.

If someone needs more info, netsh info or whatever comes up your mind(s) please let me know.

The faster I can solve this problem the better. I'll give it a chanse, elsewise Gentoo's the 2nd option.

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I hate to say this but does your Windows 7 have latest updates?

I had the same issue where my speeds went nuts not stable! Did all the advanced setting muck about to no avail. Said "screw it" and decided to update, afrer this with few tweaks i was back to my normal speed

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"This is a completelly fresh install, with all the latest updates from Windows Update."

Following hardware changed without any success in getting my problem sorted.

1) Motherboard swapped

2) Other NIC's. I.e, Realtek chipset (Netgear) and Intel chipset (Intel PRO 1000GT)

3) SSD drives

4) CAT 5e/6 cables from various makers.

The system is running with 24GB RAM. Paging file has been moved to a seperate SSD drive. The system on one seperate, and the UTorrent download folder on another drive. I never peak the drives regarding I/O operations nor caching.

I have also adjusted the netsh interface TCP settings. No luck there either. I all I managed was to squeeze out a little more headroom from the tcp overhead.

What might I have overlooked?

To simply what the problem is.

5Mb/s <- OK

10Mb/s <- OK

15Mb/s <- OK

20Mb/s <- Starts to become unstable and drops my connection sometimes

25Mb/s <- Starts to become very unstable and drops my connection quite often

30Mb/s <- VERY unstable and drops my connection almost instantly

30Mb/s - 50Mb/s <- My connections drops as soon as it hits 40-45Mb/s and I get bluescreened.

I'll give the thread 24 hours to check up on if someone has something useful to come up with. Next stop is to ask MS about this problem. As spending 150$ on a legit copy and not being able to use it fully just sort of pisses me off..

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Yay Linux! And Gentoo to boot. Well, if you care to figure out the Windows issue I'd hit Wireshark and Process Explorer and uTorrents disk cache graph in the speed tab and hopefully you'd find something and be able to report and then we could all be merry go happy except the people still on Vista who are very sad if they know what they missed out on.

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I'm using SSD drives. The disk cache was never the problem as this was the first thing I started to look at. Hence this was not the problem I started to think it was the NIC not being fully supported by W7 for some odd reason. Making the driver crash. Then the motherboard, then my ram modules, cat cable(s). I went like this back and forward with no improvement at all. I switched client, tried Vuze (which is the biggest load of crap i've used) and to my honest surprise I never ran into being disconnected ONCE. Pulled over 60MB/s stable.

Then tried Tixati, and again to my surprise it also managed to pull at least over 30MB/s.

Then back to utorrent. 20-25MB/s and PHOW, dead connection. Tried a fresh install again to make sure that the problem was only caused while using utorrent Fresh install = windows 7, all the updates again including sp1, and the 3 above mentioned clients.

Again.. Same result.

Maybe my computer setup just dislikes utorrent for some odd reason. :-\

So i'll just stick with Vuze. Although it looks like an advertisement site for viagra and whatnot..

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I'm experiencing the same type of problem. I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7, and my normal torrent dl speed is about 2-2.5mb/sec but right now it's fluctuating all over the place. (going as low as 5kb/sec and mostly staying low). I tried changing ports, I also tried the connection test (which was fine) and the port check was good too. The only difference is that I copied the old utorrent setting files so I wouldn't lose all the torrents I could seed. But I doubt that's the cause of the problem.

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