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Auto Load, but Not Auto Start Torrents in utorrent 2.2 Build 23774


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Previously, I had set up utorrent to auto load, but not auto start, and delete all downloaded torrents. Whenever I downloaded a torrent, it would auto-load, delete and a window in utorrent would come up in which I could choose which of the files that I wanted to download from the torrent and then start it manually.

But then last night, it stopped working. All downloaded torrents were auto loaded and auto started. I tried changing the directory where the torrents are downloaded to the desktop, but that didn't help either. I can see that the "When adding Torrents" - "Show a window that displays the Files inside the torrent" option is ticked, but this isn't happening. I also tried setting "Don't start the download automatically," which prevents the torrent from downloading automatically, but it doesn't show the window prior to loading the torrent that allows me to choose the files I want from it, directory, etc.

Can someone please tell me how to configure utorrent so that all torrents are:

1. Auto loaded, but not auto started

2. I get that window that shows all the files in the torrent, so that I can choose the ones that I want before starting the torrent?

I am using Firefox as my browser and I am running Windows XP SP 3.

I tried manually deleting the settings, but this didn't resolve the problem (though it did delete all of my settings, the window is still not appear prior to loading, as the torrent auto loads.)

I have also tried a system restore. This did not resolve the problem.

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