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A bug in the newer versions with minimizing at startup.


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The newer versions of Utorrent don't start minimized when Windows 7 starts.

It is a bug in Windows 7 Ultimate for sure.

I tried many different versions including beta.

2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1 and so on.

Even if I deselect and select again the option to start minimized it doesn't help.

I've tested the program on many new PC's with brand new OS installed.

All of them have ESET NOD32 scanning at startup and my theory is the scan accesses utorrent.exe which shows the program window :).

The computers have standard installations with around 15 programs and I've restarted them many times. Some of them are MicroSoft Office 2007, Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D, CCleaner, Flashget(startup), Skype(startup), NOD32(startup scan), NERO 9 which installs some MicroSoft stuff), BSPlayer, Acrobat Reader 10, K-Lite Codec Pack newest.

This is a very annoying problem for many users!

Version 2.2 doesn't have problems in XP SP3.

Now it's your turn Utorrent team to investigate this issue. :)

Note: the problem seems random. I recall in some restarts the program start minimized as it should.

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add /minimized to the startup entry

The problem about the thousands of users which wouldn't search/try to help themselves. I didn't post this for a personal issue but a global issue :). Many users don't know how to edit a startup entry too. The problem is there is a option - start minimized - and it doesn't always work for some reason. I think in XP there is no such problem but not 100% sure.

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