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Slow speeds, Fluctuating Downloads, Throttling issue /cry


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Last week i noticed my speeds in Utorrent have gone mad. My download speeds now are usually at 150/kBs (not constant) previoiusly i was at a constant 300-400kB/s ON good seeded torrents with hardly any fluctuating. I only noticed this after i went to utorrent 2.2. Utorrent 2.04 was working fine before but when i went back to it, i had same issue

Before i go on im going display as much info as i can.

YES i am being throttled on my uploads i did a test. If you need my results i will repost

heres my connectiong speed test


Utorrent settings. From speed test WHICH fails usually (acess across all domains is enabled and DHT is disabled) these are my given settings

Upload limit: 9.0kB/s (have tried slightly higher and tried 74.kB/s which is 80% of my upload)

connection per torrent :55

max active torrent: 1

upload slots 3

max connections global :80

max active downloads:1

*settings changed by me from forum post by Switchtek

DHT: disabled

DHT new torrents disabled

Enable local peer discovery: disabled

Enable UPnp: Disabled

Enable NAT-PMP Disabled

Resolve ip: Disabled

Enable bandwidth management UTP : enabled *default*

encryption: Disabled (speeds are lower with this on enabled or forced) *default

I did notice that with these settings "apply rate limit to overhead transfer" has been turned on. This was always disabled for me by default. Dont know if thats normal for these settings?

I am getting better speeds than before, but my issue is that My speeds fluctuate alot. It will download at 300kb/s then DROP too 250kB/s and then go up sometimes even going down to 0kB/s

THIS ISSUE happened before, on default settings, but my speed never got past a constant 150kB/s, (I am testing the same torrents)

How can i fix the fluctuating speeds? the Speed graph looks like mini waves, with sudden drops every now and then.

*note* i have gone through the speed guides

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Try with less connections per torrent. Try a low value from 10. Find your max value.

I had a similar problem when using cable on the docsis 2.0 platform. The issue got rid of as they changed to docsis 3.0.

If your speeds still are unstable, search for the well-known harddrive cache issue. I'm quite sure it shouldn't be of an issue at that low speed though. As I have never gotten any disc overload trouble even with old 5400 RPM IDE drives running downloads at nearly 10MB/s. Although I would say that's the limit of what the discs might handle when using a torrent client. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Short and simple. Play a little with the settings regarding the amount of peers and connections the client is allowed to make. Try to disable the windows firewall aswell.

You're using Windows 7? Check the performance monitor and your NIC activity. Does it drop to a complete 0 when you are suffering the speed drops? Try to run an instance of ping (cmd > ping google.com -t) and look if you're all of a sudden starting to time out or drop packets going out. If so, you're obviously stalling the NIC or the equipment communicating with it locally.

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Thanks for your reply, and yes i am on windows 7 Ultimate, forgot to mention that

I changed my connection per torrent to 10, 15, 20 and didn't really notice a difference,

i have it at 30 per torrent and 60 global.....(should i have left the global? or that was right to change it?)

The torrent now is at 375-450 im noticing the drops are not as big now, Usually between 20kB/s to 30kB/s Lowest it has dropped to was 200kB/s But when it does drop it it goes up and down for a bit.

I noticed that my upload speed shows nothing every now and then. and on some torrents i am not connecting to any peers and the download stays below 10kB/s

All the torrents i am downloading have more Seeds than leechers by at least 50%


Do you (anyone) know whats causing this?


I did the CMD test ill post the info here Did the test 2 times just to make sure

Heres the results i got XrOo

Pinging google.com-t [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

I have no idea what any of this means.


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It's normal that bad cable modems can't handle a high number simultations in/out-going connections. In some cases they are so bad that they even reboot..

You can try to use "ping utorrent.com -n 50" once the slow-down occurs. And post back here.

The reply time i "ms" should be almost identical every time. If it acts like a rollercoaster. Something is wrong.

The only real good tip I can give you is to check the allowed connections in UTorrent.

Try another client, as there are a few.

And if really nothing helps. Try another PC. A friend can possibly borrow you their computer for an hour for testing.

Cause it's very easy to look blindly on the computer and think that the problem origins there. While the problem completelly is because of the ISP.

I.e, my old docsis 3.0 connection worked great. and all of a sudden it barely ran at all. I called my ISP and for some reason the modem had picked another profile. The profiles are very important as they let the modem choose number of in/outgoing channels etc. Singals and so on. Call your ISP and ask if your singal strength is good or bad, or at least acceptable. If not, ask them if they can do something about it.

I wish you the best of luck.

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hey again:)

well i think somethings up i did the test with both utorrent closed and open

C:\Users\Matt>ping utorrent -n 50

Ping request could not find host utorrent-n. Please check the name and try again

I called my isp and they said everything looks fine on their end.

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Hey, yea im noticing their full of shit, I did a test about throttling it confirmed i was, called to ask and they said yes on my upload, called about a similar issue 3 days later asked same question answer was no :P Test confirmed they LIE!

Ive tried deleting the settings/and or Uninstalling it but thanks anyways dude.

GTHK im from Ontario canada, do you know of any other ISP's that you could reccommend?

, Bell and Rogers are throttling so I'm going to keep away


JUST NOTICED: My torrents are going at a decent speed, but i have the Yellow Triangle for connections. NAT and UpNP are off , this did not happen before when i had the same settings *check first post*

I turned on NAT and UpNP and the connection is green, BUT my speeds are dead. 5kB/s dl max after 15min and 6kB/s upload

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Hi, I'll just add my thoughts, others can provide a far better answer. I am facing a similar issue. When the speeds are erratic(crawling), I restart the router (sometimes need to do it 2-3 times) and the speeds become stable. I tried different trackers from different sites, the anime sites had the best download speeds, so could be the torrent file that the seeders and peers do not have the speed. Only a few of them have fast connection and when you lose those seeds/peers your speeds suffer.

If you are experiencing very low upload, to no upload, choose a different site/tracker that you know that there will be peers. I was having that trouble, I loaded an anime torrent and the torrent was uploading fine for the anime, the other torrents slowly picked up their speeds. Could be a time/peer issue.

Do check the router to see what profile you are on, and whether that is what you are paying for and if it can be improved. If your download is 13.39 MBPS, you should be downloading in the 1 megabyte/second range and not the 300-400 kilobytes/second (unless the connection is really bad). I have 5 MBPS, and I download at 400 kb/s. Just curious about that. Previously it was 3 MBPS and my speeds were 300 kb/s.

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To previous response i turned off my firewall on my router for the night, Noticed that Speeds were up but still erratic

im not quiet sure how to check the profile. I know about loggin onto my modem to change certain settings but not about the profile. What should i be looking for?

OK i see my problem! Im downloading off 10 peers out of 20(set connections per Torrent)

Only 1 of those peers is giving me good speed (Speed graph over 1hr showed). My question is, Is that how it should be? or should it be a balance of speeds from more than one peer???

Heres a pic of what it looks like


It fluctuates between 200-400 but average is 300kB/s. So i want to know how i could stable out the connection??

Thanks for your patients guys

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If you would like I could put up a torrent on a gbit uplink for you. It should bottom out your connection. So if it works with just 1 good seed. Then maybe it isn't your connection completelly but also bad seeding per peer ratio?

PM me if you're interested.

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Normally in those situations, I play around with my download speed cap. I'll start with 200kb/s cap, leave the cap on for 40-60 seconds. If the speed becomes stable(small deviations of 1-10kb/s happens for me), I increase it in increments of 10,50,100 kb/s take your pick. As soon as the speed becomes erratic, I reduce the speed, until I reach a stable point. Even doing it this way, if there is only one good peer with the speed, if their speed fluctuates, your speed will fluctuate with them. One can hope you don't lose that peer before you finish downloading :). It works for uploading as well, I don't know why it works, but seems to help me out.

Some times I get peers connected, but they all are seeding at 10-30 kb/s, but when you have 20-50 of those, the speeds are stable, as a few people drop their speed, others pick it up.

Other times, there are only a few peers connected, stopping the torrent, and restarting it after 40-60 seconds helps, provided there are lots of seeds and peers to choose from. If there are only 20, and you are connected to 10 of them, I would see that as risky, but if you had no trouble connecting to the fast peer, than try maybe there are a few more fast peers in the other 10 if you connect with them. Sometimes I lose the fast peer, and download at 20kb/s. See if you can find a torrent that has lots of seeds and peers and see what your max download speed goes to, have your download speed is as unlimited, it will seem to reach a limit. It should be close to 1.2 Mb/s to 1.6 Mb/s, based on the 13.39 speed test, could be wrong there.

As for checking your line profile need to go to your router and find the connection status(dsl, adsl, cable), in this http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/1976/statustv2dr3.jpg where it says Us rate 864, Ds rate 11552, that is the speed in kilobits/s, http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/6114/mymodemstats.jpg Here it is on the last row Data rate, 2048 (the column is down stream) and 256 is the upload rate. Different routers have it in different places, so you'll have to browse around, you can google the router, or post the model and make here, and we'll see what we can do. On the same page you'll see SNR(Us, Ds) margin, line attenuation as well. Who the connection is connected to.

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Ahh i havent really tried adjusting the download limit much. I will mention when i didn't have this problem most I usually got off high seed high torrents was 600kB/s over period of years on this connection never saw anything past:((. I will definatly toggle with the DL limit. to get better speeds.

Im still only connecting to one good speed though, i tried a torrent with 9654 seeds and 800 leechers, and only one peer gave me a connection, others were all below 2kB/s (always a constant with any torrent)

Im going to dl a few over night and see what info i get.

ps. thanks for the router info, it helped me figure it out!

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Back again....

So i like i said, i downloaded a few torrents over a couple of nights. I found one constant. All the downloads Average at exactly 150kB/s once they are finished and the download rate is still unstable. This ranges for all torrents, 800Mbsto 5gb ones.

I have gone back to default settings and adjusted one setting at a time.

So after losing my mind, I decided to go back to Utorrent 2.04 once again.

Here is the remaining issue

I am able to start the torrent at very high speeds, Highest so far is 700kB/s for a good 3min.

then it idled at 300kB/s. Drops down to 50kB/s stays there then flucuates between 50kB/s and 200kB/s for the rest of the download. The fluctuations are huge.

When i do reach these high speeds, that is when the drop begins. ALWAYS

Now to simplify this.

What setting can i change that stops fluctuations. I do not believe it is the peers, because this is a constant on any type of torrent, but i could be wrong.

Any ideas???

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I got the same problem recently since I use utorrent 2.2 (all default setting on Win 7 ultimate), and version 2.0.2 either, my ISP's speed test always around UL:10Mbit/s DL:2Mbits, but utorrent DL speed only about 500KByte/s, and very unstable, sometimes drop down to 200KByte/s or even lower.

But everything solved when I use uTorrent 1.8.4 Build 16688, now I have a stable DL speed around 1.1MByte/s, maybe you could give it a try.

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GOing to test out this version for a bit

--------Notes of testing version 1.8.4----------

Download average has gone up by 50kB/s

Noticed that BT.connect_speed was set to 20 by default. Changed to 7

Noticed Net.Max_Halfopen was set to 8 by default Did not change, due to recommendation from Speed guide


upload speed was set to 75kB/s changed to 20kB/s

global connections 100

Per torrent 60

The speed drops down to around 50kB/s then as usuall goes up too 300kB/s again

So i want to know

1. Are my settings good? What would you recommend for my settings for this version.

2. From my settings mentioned. How can i stabalize my connection?

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