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Actual question after reading user guides, and conservative settings


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I have an active connection shown below through speedtest, having used your client for a month I want to share what I've downloaded since I have a fast connection. These speedtest results are also caused by my ISP shaping, however I can push it faster if I connect via vpn. ISP shaping was shown to be in effect and limited to average upload of 19119 Kbits tested using glasnost.

However my current connection speed is good [i think] the network has a pleathora of routers, 1 every 100 feet [imagine in a straight line] or so. http://www5.snapfish.com/snapfish/slideshow/AlbumID=3158020028/PictureID=122333354028/a=5122615028_5122615028/


I connect to seed new torrents that already have 40 peers in my utorrent, but I only upload at 500-2.0Mbits a sec. [again dependant on the amount of uploads/speed I allow] knowing that this is good for a split between the 10 active peers I'm connected to. and that uploads are also limited to the DL'ers network speed and various other issues as well.

I know that my speed is good and above average BUT...

if I also am seeding other downloads [as in 3 active uploads, regardless of unlimited bandwidth or my limiting it to various speeds] my total upload speed shrinks to less than 100-200Kbits.

this does not happen when a file is dl and ul, only when the file is in seeding mode

when pushing utorrent to the max [not my normal settings [most the time]] total connections 899999, upload slots 900, total Max peers at 20000 per torrent. 50 torrents open with 30 downloading I average utorrent DL speeds of 5-14.8MBits a sec, and 100Kbit-5.0Mbits upload.

I used the setup guide and followed its settings to Max connections at 850, Peers per torrent at 150, upload slots at 10, 20 torrents max with 20 DL max. altered the UL Cap to unlimited. want to set it at just over 7MBits

All I want to do for the near future is seed, both new and already added torrents. each torrent has a decent size swarm and a large peer pool. So why does my UL speed dip when I try to UL multiple files?

also for reference. hardware is intel I-7, 8gbddr3, 2tb drive. Win 7. Quick computer, Quick and many routers [for many multiple connections], Quick DL and UL speed even when its being shaped.

also edited in advanced section of utorrent windows cache memory max to 1032mb, instead of 32mb, and I'm using 2.2.1 upgraded two weeks ago from 2.2

I mean the peers are there, the connections are there, if I try just one I get great speed but nowhere near my [shaped] ISP upload speed.

Can someone help me mod something so I can push it up, and give to the community?

If the MODS here decide not to help, or basically I'm just stupidly uploading in vain, please at least respond so I know to give up trying. [not being negative, an answer either way solves my issue].


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1. sorry, not the biggest techguy in the world here

2. not that I'm saying phooey or whatever I've read alot of your posts and know you know a great deal, why do you say I'm limited to 2.0mb when I right now right this second I'm actively DL from utorrent at 2.0 and UL at 2.6?


3. I came up the numbers from the forums here, except the crazy big numbers, I kinda wanted to see just how far I could get it to go.

what numbers in particular?

4. Thank you very much for your time and response.

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oh, gotca. so don;t think theres better on my line, because there isn't. Thank you very much for your advice. and Answers.

for what its worth utorrent is free, and tech support [you] helped through a forum in less than 5mins.

Paid software programs I use don't respond that quick even when I'm calling for advice.

Again thank you for your time. and have a great weekend.

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